The first photo is of some of the people in our unit, the middle one is a banquet down here in Cornwall, the third is part of a line fight.


The next four photos are of a rag doll that the two of us made for  the daughter of one of our unit. The doll is about 18" tall, all her costume is either linen or wool and as accurate as I could make it. She has an underdress, kirtle, silk lined and edged cloak and a head scarf. Both her spear head and her saex are pattern welded steel and exact copies of the full sized implements (not sharp though), all the strap ends, enameled cloak pin, and copper jewelry are copies of full size originals, she has two real leather belt pouches, leather belt, scabbard, shoulder bag and turn shoes. The drop spindle actually works. I was loathe to part with her.


The photo on the left is my other half, Morcar. And yes he made all his own equipment and armour. He portrays a Saxon thegn and reeve of the Shire. He is the unit's field commander. The photo on the right is me, at school, doing a Saxon day for my class (this photo is a few years old now and I know that my overdress is a bit short but I used to fight as a woman and a shorter kirtle aids movement)


The next three are of  other members of our society. The first one is of a Viking lookout.... just before we surprised him! The middle one is the same Viking again, we're trying to train him as a pet. The third is of a fellow member of our unit portraying a Saxon merchant. He has his own household and leads part of the unit.